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SNUB (wall mountable toe stop)

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The Snub is a unique foot-stop created by NullBlox for BoostedBoards and Electric Skateboards. Not only does it act as a foot stop, it can also be used to mount your Skateboard on the wall. The Snub is also sold with a wall mount. Just two screws into a single wall stud or similar will be enough to hold up your BoostedBoard. Oh did I mention it works similar with Longboards? The Snub may not be in the best position for a longboard foot-stop but it can still be used as one. The main reason for its Longboard use would be to easily mount your deck onto the wall.


  • Choose where you want the Snub. Top front truck Bolts or Back front truck bolts. Both options work depending on your style of ride.
  • Remove either the Top front truck Bolts or Back front truck bolts.
  • After removing your choice of bolts, you can place the Snub on top of your Grip tape and slide the bolts through the Snub and back into your board.
  • Tighten your nuts and now your ready to carve and kick turn like a pro!


  • +1 Snub . (NylonG)


  • +1 Snub . (NylonG)
  • +1 Wall Mount. (ABS)
  • +1 Set Wall Mounting Bolts.

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