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Slide Pucks (Urethane Resin)

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These Slide Pucks Are Truly One Of A Kind, And Made To Slide!

What separates these from other pucks?


Urethane is used on skateboard wheels. We use a Urethane Resin to cast these pucks! Its pretty rare you would melt a skateboard wheel from slides, the same can be said for these pucks!

Color and Style Options:
Since these are cast in house, we have the ability to attempt to match colors for riders, builds, and custom color profiles. We can also integrate other materials int the cast. Such as Ferrocerium rods (for sparks), glitter, coins, legos, etc. If you can cover it with resin it can become one with the puck!

Hand Crafted, From The Ground Up:
The puck started with a block of wood, no CNC, no software.
This block was then sanded into a form that felt suitable for a slide puck.
The wooden puck was then casted with silicone.
(You might see the wood grain on the pucks cast, this is intended)
That silicone becomes the mold in which the pucks are cast.

These are truly one of a kind pucks!