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LIGHT HOLSTER RISER (esk8 | boosted boards)

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This single riser will replace the stock riser on the Boosted board Stealth and most other electric skateboards. This riser allows you to mount Victagen Light's to the riser. This riser will work on most all skateboards but was created to replace the stock XR battery style risers from boosted boards. We also have a light riser
created for the MiniX and MiniS.


  • Remove your front truck and riser.
  • Connect the light holsters to the light riser, then connect the riser to the truck by sliding it into position.
  • Once the kit is attached to your truck, you can now install the truck to your board.
  • Slide in your Victagen lights and use the motor cover hex tool to tighten your light holsters.
  • You are now ready to shred into the night!


+1 Light Holster Riser Pad (ABS riser & NylonG light holster)

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tested to fit boosted board mini's.