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MOTOR SHIELD (boosted boards | meepo nls belt)

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The boosted board Motor Shield is a cover that clips over your stock motor guards and onto the rear truck. This may help prevent rocks, etc from slamming into your exposed motors at speeds of 20-25Mph+.

The Type-R or revised motor shield, is 2X thicker and has 2X larger venting for those concerned with overheating.

Will this overheat my motors? Over 50+ standard motor shields sold, We have yet to have any issues with over heating due to the motor shield type-r or standard motor shield.




  • Place you board grip tape down on the ground or any flat surface.
  • Grab shield, thumb on short end and fingers on the longer end.
  • Place thumb side of the shield over stock boosted motor guards.
  • Use fingers to lean the long end of the Shield onto the truck.
  • Press with fingers to snap lock onto truck.

+1 Motor Shield (NylonG)

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tested to fit boosted board mini's and stealths.