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Esk8 Puck Remote Holster allows you to keep your pucks down, while protecting your remote. This holster can be used in a few ways.

Your average rider might wear gloves but decide not to wear pucks due to the interference they have with you and your remote. (In short pucks just feel weird when holding a remote.) Some companies including nubx3d have created half pucks to help prevent this remote to puck interference. This only goes so far to remedy this issue but not any longer!

The Puck Remote Holster can allow an average rider to slam there pucks (palms) to the pavement while keeping the remote in hand. The Puck Remote Holster can save your remote from flying to far from you in a bail, as well as keep your palm safe from the ruff terrain of the open road.

Now for your more hardcore electric skateboarder, you can use the Puck Remote Holster to keep your throttle under control when pucking around corners. This can allow for much easier slides in general since you do not have to pass your remote to another hand or use some type of lanyard then re-grab your remote after a slide. You can now free-ride or downhill to your hearts content without having the feeling of your remote dangling against the ground. Huge thanks to Axle Sessions for helping to test and refine this creation!

 The Puck Remote Holster is like the power glove for electric skateboarding. ~NullBlox


The axle puck & remote holster does not come with a remote or glove.
The remote and glove are there to help showcase the product.