• Remove your stock pulleys.
  • Press your muffin top pulley into your wheels.
  • Put your belts onto the pulley.
  • Now slide your wheel and belt into place over the motor gear.
  • Retighten your motor as needed to keep proper tension.
  • Put your smaller washer and nut onto your truck.
  • Reinstall your motor caps and motor shield if you have one.
  • Now go shred!

Muffin Tops (56T ABEC11 CORE)- FOR Boosted Boards

$65.00 SALE


Muffin Top Pulley Kit is a 56 tooth stock conversion pulley to allow you to use ABEC11 style wheels! The kit includes pulley's, spacer's, and bearings!

How tuff are your muffins? Our muffin top's are printed in NylonG! This is the same material that is used to house the boosted battery you can read about that here. So yes, these are some of the hardest muffins you will ever get your hands on.

What kinda wheels do I need? Any wheel with a ABEC11 core should work, but has only been tested with official ABEC11 wheels.


+2 56T ABEC11 Muffin Top Pulley (Black NylonG)

+2 6903-2RS Flatland3D Pro Ceramic Bearings

+2 Large Bearing Spacer

+2 225-3m-15 Belts

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$65.00 SALE

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