We at NuBx noticed their may be a few things missing from E-Skate. Why can we not slide on our remotes? Why do I have to wire over my bindings or need to carve a channel into a deck to hide wires? Why does that one company not offer spacers for their hubs? How can I make my Boosted Board go Faster? These questions and more we have created solutions to mitigate or solve the issue.

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P.O.G. (protective open guard for hoyt puck remote)P.O.G. (protective open guard for hoyt puck remote)


  • MODE 6

    Mode 6 was created to allow you to choose a gearing that matches your ride style. If you need more torque or maybe a higher top speed on your boosted board or Meepo NLS then check this out!


    Indicator caps come in different color's. These allow you to color code your battery packs that use XT-90 plugs. A common use for these is Red on a Low battery and Green on a Full battery.


    A Shield created for Boosted Board / Meepo NLS. This Shield truly does help protect the exposed motors from road rocks, and other hazard that make come your way.